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Found 15th Jan 2011
I was just thinking of opening a next account,if a decide on having the next directory sent out to me at £3.75, do i get charged that everytime they send me a new catalogue and if so is it just the 2 catalogues they have out a yr, 1 in summer and 1 in winter and what r the advantages of having the catalogue when it is all online anyway.
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Catalogue worth having as a lot of extra stuff in it.Though you do need to be careful that with the twice yearly dispatch of the catalogue they put the cost £3.75 on your account balance and you would get charged £5 extra the following month if you forget to pay the statement in time.
I have just posted a first time surfer offer for next about 30mins ago so take a look.
Yes, your account gets charged everytime they send catalogues, but when you open the account you can say you dont need them, its not mandatory.
Thanks 4 that groovygirl,i was given the first time surfer offer today,i have just signed up and decided on not having the catalogue but to pay the £3.99 del but i found a free del code on here so happy days
I think when you open you can either have like a free delivery or pay for the catalogue, I can't remember.
im sure they emailed me before they send the book out and then you can ring an automated phoneline which tells them you dont want it,
Each catalogue costs £3.95. However, each time I get the new catalogue is says if you place an order from it within x amount of months you get the cost of the catalogue refunded or free delivery - so that works out okay.
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