Next 'Free Delivery' Code Help Required Please


I am trying to place an order online @ Next, but I don't see where you enter the free delivery code to save £3.75. Normally it is on the 'sign in' page where you enter your Customer Number, Date of Birth and Postcode but it doesn't seem to be appearing for me.

Is anyone else having this trouble, and does anyone know how to get round it or know what I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance :-)


You can't access the free delivery code box if you have followed a quidco link. It's either quidco or free delivery, you can't have both!

I heard some say that you can't use a code if you gone through Quidco or something?
I've never ordered online there so don't enitely know,just going what I've heard others say.

well i never went through quidco the other day and i typed in the free del code but it didnt take it off anyway and it was too late as i had confirmed the order

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Thank you, that would make sense because i tried to go though quidco! Mind you, i am now trying to log in normally without going through quidco but the promotional code box still isn't available. Do i need to clear my cookies or something to reset the page?

Thanks for all your help. Rep added


yes you need to clear cookies

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