Next Gen SSD's on the way..

Spotted these available for pre-order :…OPS

Very expensive, 750MB/s read/write though. The future ?

Blurb :

The OCZ IBIS Series redefines desktop storage and surpasses at the limitations currently placed on not only hard drives, but other SSDs. As the first SSD to make use of the trailblazing HSDL interface, the IBIS delivers dominating performance for a faster, more responsive PC experience that is bootable to run the latest OS. Developed for blazing speeds to increase productivity for an enhanced computing experience, the IBIS is capable of delivering 750MB/s read/write speeds and up to 125,000 random write IOPS. Each IBIS features a robust 3.5” aluminum housing and is bundled with a single port HSDL adapter card.


No doubt Too much Hype but still intereseting :lol HSDL

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Original Poster

Good article. I imagine it will be a few years before we start using HDLS in hope pc's.

I keep buying stuff like this and it must stop :lol
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