next sale

hiya i went to the next sale yesterday n bought a load of clothes when i got home and cheked my receipt i noticed i had been charged twice for one of the items ,
does anyone know if i have to go back to the store i went to or can i go to any next store with the receipt ????


I would assume that you should approach the store that you got the garments from. But maybe a phone call to head office or to the store may clarify the procedure.

You should be able to go to any store. I have bought stuff and returned it to a different store before. Even their clearence shop stuff can be returned to a normal store. Should think it's the same for a problem like this. It's a chain after all....

any store i'd say

I work in retail and no way would i or any manager i know refund that from another store because we have no proof you didnt buy two. I would say take it back to the store you got it from for the best chance for a refund. Also most stores have a phone number on the reciept try calling the store and asking if you could do it in another store better than a wasted journey to another store just to be told no.
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