next sale code

having trouble finding threads for the next sale anyone heard anything of the sale code as yet


I am eagerley awaiting any news too! haven't seen or heard anything yet, maybe over the weekend hopefully

To be honest I don't think there is going to be anything this time. Last sale used normal item codes so I don't think there'll be a code to "crack". Plus this time as well there is not passwords or anything so I think it'll just be certain accounts that are able to access the sale at certain times. I might be wrong though as I'm no computing expert.

For the past 4 years at least there has always been a way to access the sale during VIP times as a NON VIP.

Looks like a full listing is due on Xmas Eve

Doesn't seem to be any codes yet though

I have had an email today just log onto: [url][/url] and book your slot, you will ned to have an account to do this, hope this helps:thumbsup:

It was on here last night but i cant fnd it now.
If you go to [url][/url] and log in . Then if you are on there list there is a link on the right hand side of the screen to choose your time slot then it will let you preview the list of sale items.
Good luck it worked for me last night, and im never on there vip list:santa:
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