next swarovski sale

hello i would appreceate if anyone knows when swarovski will have next sale.there was one in january and I am interested if they will have any other sale in 2008.do they do any easter or mid season sales?thanks in advance


Saw some jewellery on] Amazon that looked quite nice ..... don't know if it would be of any interest to you ?

i believe the next sale is next weekend..


i believe the next sale is next weekend..

lmao ... the OP wanted to know when the next swarovski sale was going to be
not the next NEXT sale ! you made me laugh

But good to know the next Next sale is next week-end ! thankyou

what a mouthful ........

Original Poster

i am waiting for next sale as well just wanted to buy some nice jevellery as well for summer as on last sale I could not buy the ring I wanted and was very dissapointed.thanks for replies

lol-what can i say-it was a long day :? and tekle understood :thumbsup:
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