NEXT VIP slots are now being emailed

NEXT VIP slots are now being emailed.
Slots available from 7pm Tuesday December 22nd.


how do you get a VIP slot, im a next customer.

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It's hit and miss think... There is some debate on it but not everyone who orders seems to get an invite.
Sure the more clued up female members on here could help you out a lot more :-D

Didnt get a slot


Didnt get a slot

I didn't either :x

i didnt get one either ,so just went to my account and theres a box that needs to be ticked to recieve info on sales ! mine wasnt ticked ! have now so will see

got one now !

Mine was ticked but i still got nothing
First year im not really that bothered though but still would have liked one

Thank you, just checked my email and got one!!

I haven't got one either. Boo!

Edit - Just managed to get one!
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