Posted 17th Dec 2022
Have they been released yet or does anyone know when they will be? Thanks
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  1. hiimnewhere's avatar
    I got Wednesday 21st, 14:00.

    Does anyone know what time the "very first" slots are?
    KazzyD's avatar
    Think the staff get in 2 hours before the public slots, so stuff may sell out before 2pm (edited)
  2. SillyBobby's avatar
    Oh poop. I got 3.30. Doubt much will be left by then
    crazyfool32's avatar
    I’ve got 4pm I won’t even bother now
  3. Shazia_Khan's avatar
    Most likely 18 December any time in the morning. The last 3 years it has been 18 December.
    djdope's avatar
    So likely today?
  4. Richyrichlfc's avatar
    Thank you. I got Wednesday 2pm
  5. Anteater57's avatar
    Log into your account.
    Saniel_dan's avatar
    Thanks for posting, just booked a slot
  6. MelElizabeth's avatar
    MelElizabeth Author
    Thanks everyone just logged in and it was there !
  7. vsh1's avatar
    Hi All,
    Can we select items prior from preview and add to basket ready for order on the day? sorry if this has been answered before. If not, what's the best way you guys use for quick order?
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