Nextbase 512G owners, can I turn off the GPS ?

Posted 10th Aug 2016
Hi I am thinking of buying either a DOD or Nextbase, but after several night and day reviews and price, I decided to but the Nextbase as its cheaper and provides pretty much the same detail as the DOD.
Anyway I work for a large Insurance claims litigation department, and I know speed can and will be used against me if I am even going 5 miles over the limit, so I am wondering if there is a way of turning this off?
I am no boy racer, but we all speed at some point in our lives, and knowing my luck it would be during an accident lol.
Also what are your thoughts, is your 512G a solid device, running strong?
Also was going to get a Sandisk extreme 32gb class 10 for best video?
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Tells you all you need to know when it comes to settings.
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Just read through, wow does a lot more than I thought, glad you can turn off Speed stamp, but leave all the GPS settings in place.
I am still unsure why you would need GPS if you have a video and date on the device, would be pretty hard to dispute the third party was not there lol But it seems all the top ones have the GPS feature, I would prefer them to put the money in better night viewing tech but hey ho
The GPS feature is to "guesstimate" your speed. Some people like the speed logged on the video. Personally, I'd only have it logged if it was hooked up to the car's own speedometer. And even then, it might not be a good idea if you're the sort of person who's always creeping past the speed limit. GPS guesstimating, could be off enough, that it puts you in the wrong, even if you weren't.

Even A-GPS (With simcard using data) can be off, but miles better than just GPS. Things might change when the European version of GPS is finally sorted (Galileo). It's suppose to be more accurate, but will not be in full operation until 2020.
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i have the speed turned on - but if i ever was involved in an accident and i was above the speed limit - there are ways to remove the speed from the video
personally i wouldn't recommend the nextbase. mine is hardwired so is continuously recording. but it keeps crashing after a couple of days use and theres no warning to say it has crashed.

also it wont take sd cards bigger than 32gb, which 32gb soon gets filled at 1080p. (12 hour recording at most)
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