Nextbase 512G owners, can I turn off the GPS ?

Posted 10th Aug 2016
Hi I am thinking of buying either a DOD or Nextbase, but after several night and day reviews and price, I decided to but the Nextbase as its cheaper and provides pretty much the same detail as the DOD.
Anyway I work for a large Insurance claims litigation department, and I know speed can and will be used against me if I am even going 5 miles over the limit, so I am wondering if there is a way of turning this off?
I am no boy racer, but we all speed at some point in our lives, and knowing my luck it would be during an accident lol.
Also what are your thoughts, is your 512G a solid device, running strong?
Also was going to get a Sandisk extreme 32gb class 10 for best video?
Nice 1
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