Nextbase 522GW; rear view cams, which one?

Posted 5th Dec 2022
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    I have the second one installed and it can be selected when reversing, if you haven’t got a reversing camera.
    Interesting, didn't know about the reverse camera trick, I think I'm sold on the second one then thanks @billingtonrover.
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    I would go for the 2nd one which is fixed to the rear of the car.. I have this one fitted on my car. This camera is connected to the from dashcam via a cable which runs between the 2 devices. The top one I guess just plugs into the side of the front dashcam so no extra wiring required. I do t know what kind of video you would get.
    Hi, thanks for your input, I was curious to see what others on here have in their cars. I like the idea of the first one being plug and go, but it seems too far from the rear windscreen to be of any value, but thought I'd ask in case I was missing something. I'm leaning towards the second one too.
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    Bottom one, I’ve got this set up in both cars and the quality is exceptional. I got rear ended a few months back and it’s been valuable in my case (edited)
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    Definitely the second one I’ve just downloaded some great footage from mine of an old couple going full on road rage on me because I dared to take the right way round a roundabout the video was really clear on both front and back
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    The first one is a 'cabin view' cam which is really for recording the interior of your car
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