Has anyone purchased any games/consoles from a website called

I was just wondering if this website is legit and can be trusted to purchase something from.

Please can I have your feedback if you have used this site previously.


Why would you even think they´re legit?
(and the website couldn´t look more unprofessional and dodgy...)

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Thanks for all the replies people - very much appreciated - I had found the website on amazon when searching games for the DSi. I think amazon might want to check up before advertising these dodgy companies....

Thanks again

Hi I bought several games for my children for Christmas and cannot praise the company high enough, they have been very helpful and i would highly recommend them to all.

we ordered a game more than 2 weeks ago and it never arrived and they refuse to refund payment

just recieved an email sying they are offline and will be refunding money paid for non delivertysd
syd aug 25

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