nexus 4 troubles

    My nexus runs very slow, and I can't access the play store.
    Its says authentication required .
    Are the photos that are synced on the drive in full size?
    I tried to connect the phone to the PC but it wouldn't recognise the nexus 4.
    Any ideas before I do a factory reset?


    ok when you booted it up for the first time did you sign in with your gmail account since its a android device

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    Yes, I did.
    I tried to get a antivirus software but its not possible to access the playstore.
    I type in the search field and it just doesnt do anything.

    when you try to access the playstore does it force close itself everytime? Or could you explain or describe what happens?
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    It would say authentication required, you need to sign in your google account.

    Ok go to settings and scroll down to accounts and delete your gmail account from there and add the same gmail account again and sync everything and tell me what happens when you try accessing playstore.

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    I tried this. But it would say I cant delete it says this change isnt allowed by your adminstrator.

    if that doesn't work go to "Settings" then go to "Apps" then after you click onto apps look for "Google Play Store" once you find it click on it and you will see either uninstall and clear data or clear cache. If you click on "Clear Data" and press ok then that should help your problem.

    If that works I would recommend downloading "CM security" for AV protection and as for your Nexus 4 being slow I would recommend downloading "Clean Master"

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    I cleared the data but still the same.

    Ok just go for a factory reset and sign in with your gmail and connect to your wifi and let the nexus 4 update everything. And download the 2 apps I recommended for protection and speeding up your tablet

    but before you factory reset make sure you have any important files and anything you need backed up on either google drive or any other cloud/sd card/drive so that you don't lose anything.

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    Okay, thanks for your help.
    Should I maybe create a new ID at gmail?

    not really but you can if you want to

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    The problem kind of started when I tried to connect it via usb to a mac.

    I dont know how I could transfer any data?
    I hoped to use dropbox, but I couldnt get the app.
    Bluetooth also doesnt work.

    I have a nexus 7 as well , is there any way to get data via nfc?

    nexus and a mac are never meant to be together.

    well a factory reset you will bring your nexus 4 to the manufacture settings.

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    Its a shame that mac and pc play this silly games.

    I will check as much as I can and do the reset.
    The trouble, 22 photos could not be uploaded. As it fails .
    Thanks for your advice!

    download & install this play service latest apk, might help if your system files are corrupt for some odd reason…pk/
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