Nexus 5 signal problems

    Does anybody else have issues with rubbish data signal on their Nexus 5?
    It also randomly drops signal altogether every now & then.

    Don't think it's a faulty phone as a quick search on Google gives the impression that it's a common problem or an issue with the software.

    I'm on O2 network & work within the North West area, it could be them, however I didn't have any issues with the Galaxy S3.

    I need to either find a fix, replace or swap the phone to something else as it's getting on my nerves now.


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    I have pretty bad mobile reception on my N5, and while when 3g / 4g is available things are great anything less is unusable.

    I too am O2. I live down in an area where reception is mainly rubbish signal from O2 however, so that might be my problem. I did look into the issue once over and it seems to be quite common on the N5. There was an update that was supposed to fix it (not for me apparently...).!searchin/nexus/Weak$20signal$20strength$20on$20nexus$205%7Csort:relevance

    edit: Also my wifes Moto G has near, if not full bars when mine only seems to get 2.
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