Nexus 5x broken screen

Found 6th Nov 2016
wife has smashed her screen on her phone. I can get a replacement for £30 and do it myself or would you recommend have a shop do it? I have never do anything like this before so kinda worried about messing it up further.


If you aren't confident in your ability then I would suggest to get a shop to do it. These things are like operations, simple in theory but you have to be gentle and methodical if not to break something by accident in practice.

Your decision about how you feel on approach and how you can be your wife's hero or not getting any on Christmas lol.

It's not too hard, but don't do it if you are not confident.
You have to take the back cover off and then take everything out including the motherboard before you can replace the screen.
See this video and decide for yourself if you can do it or not:…tI4

First off £30 is too cheap for a genuine screen. Have never seen below £50. £56.14 at moment.

Get her a nokia 3310
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