Nexus 7 - 2013

    Anyone else got one? I bought the 32GB version earlier this year. I have looked online for more recent models, but nothing seems to compare with the spec of the Nexus 7.

    I am happy with it however I was looking at maybe an 8 or 10 inch tablet. Nothing seems as powerful for around the same price though.

    Any ideas? Or are all other Nexus 7 users still happy with theirs going into 2017?


    Mine is sluggish with every new update. It may be faulty, but had to replace it with a new Asus Zenpad 8 inch.

    Mine is dying a death. I've factory reset it recently, for the third and final time, have installed barely anything, and disabled most of Google bloatware.

    I only use it to browse/shop and listen to music/podcasts in the bath. It's got an easier job then me but still can't be arsed. I'll give it another 6 month.

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    Mine is up to date and I wouldn't call it sluggish at all. Surprised to hear those comments.

    I did have the Zenpad at one point but it's crammed full of bloatware.

    My son's got one and he's not complained about it otherwise he'd be asking for a new one. It's still going strong but had 3 repairs in warranty.

    We have 2 in the household, mine which gets a hammering (even though I have a Samsung Tab S) but is still going strong. Though I have factory reset a few times. Only the occasional slow response to typing but generally no problems.
    The 2nd gets light to moderate use and is in tip top condition.
    Yes, the size isn't great for longer use but balance that against being able to stick it in a pocket.
    Probably one of the best tablets ever made! Certainly expect it to be still going strong for a long time yet.

    they need charged more as they age,what about a galaxy tab a? speakers ain't wonderfully, but headphones and speakers are what I use.

    I've got one - 2013 32gb.
    Had an issue with one software update killing it/frying the board 2 years ago, but Asus replaced the board now has Android 6.0 and works really well, lovely little tablet.

    Both of my kids have one and they get used a fair bit. They still seem to be able to handle everything that they throw at them. Official updates up to Android 6 (marshmallow) but Google aren't going to release a Nougat update so they've reached the end of the line as far as updates go (there are unofficial Nougat updates though).

    Not sure about the reliability of them though. We previously had two 2012 Nexus 7's and one of those failed just out of warranty. Of the 2013 ones we have, I am currently waiting for Asus to return one of them from repair. It's been back 3 times now - the first time they couldn't find the fault (which was VERY obvious), it went straight back and they replaced something which fixed the problem but I've had to send it straight back to them again because their repair broke the wireless charging.
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