Nexus 7 vs Advent Tegra Note 7 vs Asus Memo Pad HD7?

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    I'm mulling over buying one of the tablets mentioned in the thread. Are the Tegra and Memo Pad good alternatives to the N7? I've had a N4 and now an N5 and they are brilliant but I'm steering away from the N7 due to the lack of a microSD slot. Can anyone recommend the other 2 over the N7?



    I've had a tegra note for 3 months and its been nothing but reliable, good app and system support from advent/nvidia.

    My daughter has the Nexus 7 and I have a Asus Memo hd7 pad. I'd say they're pretty much identical screen wise though the Nexus tends to run games much better than the memo pad. Battery life is slightly better on the memo pad plus it has the advantage of a SD card slot, something the Nexus doesn't have. But for surfing the net /email etc if you can get the memo pad cheaper then it does the job.

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    Thanks both, I am torn between the Memo Pad and Tegra, mainly the Tegra because of the processing power and wanting to use it for spreadsheets although both seem really good. Gaming is not crucial. The memo pad is in stock but the Tegra is currently out of stock so hanging on a bit.

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    Thanks both, ended up buying the Memo pad today. My bank had a cashback offer on Argos products so that sweetened the deal.

    I managed to get my Memo Pad in the Tesco deal and tbh I didn't think it would be that great but how wrong I was. Like yourself I don't game on tablets as I have a computer for that.
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