NFL Pre-sale. American Footie at Wembley

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Found 16th May 2007

Very much doubt it, but did anyone get a pre-sale link/password from Ticketmaster for the sale of the NFL tickets this year at Wembley and wont need it?

If you have, please PM me so that I can get tickets for my dad, he's a HUGE fan!




SOz....wished I had looked here earlier....I got a password and cant go so deleted it !!!!
DOh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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You know what Nik, sometimes it's better not to say anything!


check your deleted items!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ive checked my deleted box and Yahoo has got rid of it already
You are right....should have kept quiet.......;0(
I always sign up to these things and with 8 kids I never get chance to go !!!!


No tickets email for you mr pee? were they ment to come today

aye, the first round of emails were sent today. there's more coming apparently... gutted i didnt get one

nice username lee...

thats poop if we dont get em subbmitted the request on the first day you could

they're already on ebay...

i ordered mine at lunch. cant wait!

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yeah, I saw them on ebay... some retard selling because "they clash with a family wedding"

My arse! They only bought them today so how did they not know about the wedding!?

remember this was a pre sale. im sure they will go on general sale. there is alot of interest but 90,000 is alot to shift on a pre sale

yeah tho 90,000 wont be on sale - u so know that corporate peeps will get load. just look at the fa cup final allocations. so many real fans miss out and it sucks big time. I've been a giants fan for like 15 years. looks like I'll be payin triple the face value just to go

My word, i neva knew we had so many footie fans, my hubby is ex claymore, ex GB player, head coach in Edinburgh and assistant coach for the GB team, any of you guys connected?

hardly 'connected' - tho I played for Lancaster Bombers while at uni and also for the Northern All Star team 4 years ago - so not too far from crossing paths!

No email for me yet and I'm on the list :-(

from nfllondon2007.com

"The NFL game at Wembley in October is one of the hottest tickets in UK sport after the first 40,000 tickets for the event sold in 90 minutes."

So they have sold 40,000 to the public thus far. I would guess there will be another lottery where those who registered will get a pass code

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checked ticketmaster today, all sold out

There will be another lottery where people who registered get a pass code to get tickets, no word on when

Also note that 10,000 tickets are going to american fans
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