NFS Undercover Is ****!

    Urghhh! I was really looking forward to this one! I finally thought they pulled their heads out of their ** and made the game playable and they have gone completely in the wrong direction. The PS3 version has very bad frame rate problems to the point where you think it's going to freeze. Free Roam Is USELESS! Theres no valid reason for it. Thank god i work at EB Games so i can just return it and move onto the next one on my list hoping James Bond Quantam of Solice is good. Sorry for the rant but anyone who thinks the game is good is a nutjob. Only good points are the range of cars thats it. Even the customisation options are bad. No range whatsoever. Couldnt beleive it's worse than Pro Street. NFS Underground 2 & Most Wanted will remain the great ones imo. Go get Midnight Club & Burnout Paradise now those a good racing games. Whats your thought?


    Whats your thought?

    that you should probably read reviews

    ]Quantam of Solice review

    nfs most wanted and carbon were brilliant
    pro street was a load of carp!

    Thanks for the heads up. I never really liked Pro Street but again I was playing World of Warcraft at the time so probably any game probably would have fall in the same problem anyway.

    But I really loved Underground 2 and Most Wanted and I was hopping this one to be like that. I will still give it a try but I might wait a bit until it comes down in price.

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    that you should probably read reviews ;)]Quantam of Solice review

    I dont generally listen to other reviews and like to try the game myself but for this ocasion they messed up big time. Theres been games that were reviewed awfully and I liked them. Most Wanted & Hot Pursuit ones will remain my favourite from the series so far till they make a game thats worth buying. let alone playing. Im Hardcore racing fan and it's just very disappointing to find out the games rubbish.

    I thought Quantum of Solice was great on PS3

    BTW, is need for speed out then and thanks for the heads up, was looking to buy !

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    Yeah i'll try it tomorrow :), Yeah same was going to buy it but canceled my Pre Order from it from Game today. Mirrors Edge Is amazing and is the best game i've played so far since Call Duty 4 imo.

    Can't say I'm truly shocked.

    I thought most of the NFS range was known for being mediocre at best.

    Can't beat Forza 2 with the force-feedback wheel on the 360.

    Steer clear of Quantam of Solace as well, I've heard it's ok but not that good
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