NHS & Apple Store Discount

Anyone here work for the NHS?

Any idea how much discount they get at the Apple store? It is similar to the educational discount?

More specifically I am after the MacBook Pro 15-inch: 2.66GHz.

Thanks in advance.


not sure they get anything?



not sure they get anything?[url]www.nhsdiscounts.co.uk[/url]

You can select Apple from the drop down list...but have to log in to see what discount/special offers are available.

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the porter;8173111


thanks - same as the educational discount then!

6% on consumer machines, 8% on pro I believe. Or get someone to access it via educational links and you get 14% i think ti is.

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i have a few educational links - do they not check?

I work for the NHS does anyone know if I could get discount on a PAYG Iphone for hubby?
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