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NHS & Apple Store Discount

Posted 22nd Mar 2010
Anyone here work for the NHS?

Any idea how much discount they get at the Apple store? It is similar to the educational discount?

More specifically I am after the MacBook Pro 15-inch: 2.66GHz.

Thanks in advance.
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not sure they get anything?


not sure they get anything?[url]www.nhsdiscounts.co.uk[/url]

You can select Apple from the drop down list...but have to log in to see what discount/special offers are available.
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thanks - same as the educational discount then!
6% on consumer machines, 8% on pro I believe. Or get someone to access it via educational links and you get 14% i think ti is.
i have a few educational links - do they not check?
I work for the NHS does anyone know if I could get discount on a PAYG Iphone for hubby?
You will need to have an NHS email address (e.g. yourname@nhs.net)
Register with ]http//ww….uk.

Then you should have access to the link with discounted prices?
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