NHS discounts?

    I've signed up to , as one of my family members works for the Nhs, however it all seemed a little bit too easy?? No actual verification of the employee!



    Thanks Jack.

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    Woops, realised that I've probably given away a good website



    Woops, realised that I've probably given away a good website

    My partner is a nurse but has never used it. The last decent offer was PC software apparently. But that got removed and everyone who used it had to deinstall the software.

    I think KFC give an extra wing or two?

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    Well actually, there's a link to a site which sells vouchers at a reduced price - thinking about purchasing some comet ones at 7% off!

    the site provides links to other companies who give discounts to NHS staff, many of those companies will then require some sort of verification


    It is not exclusively for NHS staff. The site is published in materials given to NHS staff members. There are a couple of variations of this website.

    I work for the NHS, and thought you needed an nhs email address to sign up. If you can see the codes then thats great, no proof is needed when entering codes.
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