NHS Drug contracts shake up

    Instead of paying companies for supplying drugs how about offering a bounty for curing diseases and ailments. It seems so backward that companies are paid for drugs that alleviate the symptoms of these diseases and ailments.

    The bounty would be calculated on the perceived cost over 10 years of treating the symptoms of illnesses. We all know the people at the top like a quick buck, it would give them more incentive to cure the damn things.



    less people dying = more people in queues, no thanks

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    I'd rather not as I quite like my life.



    less people dying = more people in queues, no thanks

    Agreed, that's why I propose everyone should be shot when they turn 60.

    edit: apart from my grandparents because they're great!
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    All about the come back.

    There is no long term profit in curing anything, at all.

    Any campaign to reward "cures" is outweighed a thousand fold by the power and influence of the pharmaceutical companies, also around the world especially in the US there are financial incentives for doctors to dole out certain drugs.

    Wishful Utopian thinking which capitalists would laugh at unfortunately.



    My dad supplies the drugs to the NHS.

    I know of someone who might be interested if the price is right!
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