NHS Exemption card anyone?

Found 9th Aug 2008
Hi my Nhs exemption card ran out on the 30/6/2008 and was wondering how i can find out if i should of recieved a new one by now?

whats the best way of finding out?thanks
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When did you reapply for it? I have always needed to reapply for mine, they are not sent out to me automatically. they usually take about 4 weeks.
Mine has always been sent automatically via the place that sends them, as they have information every week on who is entitled to them and then send them out.
If you receive it though working tax credit then they should automatically send you one. If they haven't then you will have to ring Inland Revenue. Depends who it is giving it to you i suppose
:thinking: :w00t: I always thought that they were valid for life. If I was you I would check myself for a pulse - You might be DEAD. :whistling:
i just sent a email to nhs buisness website seeing if they can help etc
what is this NHS redemption card?
what is a
NHS Exemption card?
Im not to sure as the misses deals with that side of things.is there a tel number i can call to find out about a new card?thanks
you receive Working Tax Credit or Child Tax Credit, you (and your family) may be entitled to help with NHS health costs.

If you are entitled to help with health costs via tax credits, the NHS Business Services Authority on behalf of the Health Departments in the UK will automatically send you a NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate

If you receive a tax credit, but are not automatically entitled to help with health costs, you will not receive a NHS Tax Credit Exemption Certificate, and should consider the alternative methods of getting help with health costs

There may be some help on this site … There may be some help on this site http://www.ppa.org.uk/ppa/ppc_intro.htm

that looks like a pre paid card
thanks amcol, for the diagram. dont need it i guess but good to know.
you can also get one if you have a long term health problem - your gp fills a form in for you!
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