Nice game for little girls! FREE.

Hopefully this is allowed on here.…ce/…ce/

I downloaded this for free today (You have till midnight, I think) and thought that there must be some of you that would appreciate this.

Nice little game with nice graphix & music.

Not too exciting but great for a freebie.

This is a story of a little fairy who lived in a far away country and once got into trouble. As a result she lost her beautiful dreamlike house. Who knows what other disasters she could face if you dont come to help her? Become a main hero of this amazing story and dive into the world of fairy tales and magic.

You will find incredible things there and gain power in order to help the charming fairy - and she will thank you with an invaluable gift

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Thank you so much for this, we are all addicted.
Its a beautiful game.:thumbsup:
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