Found 18th Jan 2011
Hi. I'm looking to purchase a new office chair and I was wondering if you guys could give me a hand.

It's for personal use for when using the computer or playing video games etc, so I'm willing to pay a little bit more for comfort, £100 is pretty much top whack for me, my ideal limit is £70-£80 tbh.

However I was in The Range today and they had a nice one called the "Mercury Office Chair", for £100. Now it was good, but still I thought "is this worth £100?", so I thought I'd ask around on here.
I did look online to see if I could find this same chair, but I got a whole load of different ones so yeah, sorry I can't supply an example.

Thanks in advance for any recommendations.


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Oh I should add, a recliner with a lock and adjustable height are pretty much musts.

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They don't stock those in my Morrison's, sadly.
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