Posted 19th Dec 2022 (Posted 6 h, 37 m ago)
Hi all,

My missus wants some new pillows as one of her Christmas presents this year.
I find that when your in a shop all pillows feel great, it's only after you've gotten then home and used them for a week or that month that you can truly judge if they are nice or not, or if they just go lumpy or flat.

With that in mind I was hoping to see if I could get some recommendations here.
Is anyone using any that they love and would highly recommend?

If you recommend any could you please say if they are firm or soft etc... the ones that need replacing are firm pillows but will happily read all suggestions.

Thank you all.

Merry Christmas
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    There are different sorts of pillows for different sleeping positions. Take that into consideration then you will find a good match that way.
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    I've got some of the Premier Inn pillows, albeit the soft ones. Pillows

    Been really pleased with them and would definitely buy them again.
    I would also recommend the Premier Inn pillows. I am a side sleeper and use the firm ones which I find much better than my previous down pillow from John Lewis which cost much more.
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    Always used Dunlopillow but, since they are now part of a different operation, there are only two options being different types of latex formation.

    Having said that, I saw last year that the old Dunlopillow were being sold off and our local branch of the chain had some in stock, so I sent my wife. They had none, but they said that they would honour the price on stock that they had to get in. I told her to order 8... saving about £70/pillow (stupid prices).….ds
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    Horses for courses unfortunately and one man's pleasure is another mans pain.
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    Buckwheat husk filled pillow. Last pillow you will ever have to buy. Take a bit to get used too, but they are excellent. Mine must be 10 years old now
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    I bought Simba Pillows last year from Amazon Black Friday sale, delivered in January (2 sets went missing) and don't rate them at all even for the £30 a pillow instead of £60 the normal price.

    They have gone pretty flat, and the ones in Asda at £10 a pair I think are better and just change them as and when you need to.

    Wish Dunlopillow Latex Foam Pillows were still on the go, they were fantastic.
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    Just the one £15 ikea contour pillow. Currently 4 years old
    Bliss. That me though.
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    I bought Otty pillows 2 years ago. Still as good as new. Very comfortable and well worth the money.
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