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    i recently bought the nickleback album all the right reasons with 'Rockstar' being the final track but the album was released in 2005. How come the single has only just been a big hit in the past months. Am i missing something??


    they had that smash "how you remind me" a couple of years ago

    He was asking why the album was released in 2005 but the single Rockstar has just become a hit.

    I have no idea, I thought the album was a new release.

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    ok just wondered why it had taken more than 2 years for people to realise it was a good

    edit ^^^ thats what i initially thought when i was buying the album

    Maybe they're just scraping the barrel LOL
    This wasn't on the silver side up one. They did a great track for the scorpion King soundtrack - yanking out my heart. Maybe rockstar was on some sountrack from a 2005 film.
    Quite liked Leader of men too.

    According to Wiki Rockstar reached number 2 in the UK in 2006, I don't remember that?

    NIckleback, what are they all aboot, eh?

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    maybe the video has only recently been released??

    In answer to your question it was first released in America August 2006, but did poorly. it was then re-released with a video in June 2007 and was a great success.

    It was released in the UK following success on the UK download chart and caused the album to reach the top 10.

    EDIT: wiki made a mistake on the 2006 chart entry

    When it was first released in the US it didn't do well. It was re-released last year to much greater success. It then became a download hit here and eventually a proper single. Hence the long period of time between album and UK single.

    I'm sorry but I'm not keen on this song. I'm not suprised it did poorly. It's amazing what a video with a few cameo appearances from the likes of Kid rock, Nelly furtado and gene simmons can do. Wish they'd get back to doing some proper good tunes again!!!

    the song was released in the UK shops because of it's success on the UK download chart, it had nothing to do with the video.

    People might have seen the video and then downloaded it...
    Any way, in fairness I think they are a great band, this song to me just seems flimsy and should be filed under 'Bon Jovi'.
    It's not their best, it's quite weak in comparison to other stuff they've done.
    Anyway, at least OP can rest easy tonight now he's got the answers!!!

    I don't know if thats an insult to bon jovi or an insult to nickleback..

    and whats wrong with Bon jovi???
    The songs nothing like Bon Jovi though and the subject matter couldn't be any further from Bon Jovi.

    The song isn't their best, but it does what it says on the tin.

    As a fan of both Bon Jovi & Nickleback ..... Nickleback supported Bon Jovi on tour last year!!

    Just some random info for you!

    I love the video for this single, theres always something new you haven't seen on it each time you watch somehow!

    My 2 year old daughter is a big fan of Rockstar and will sing along to it when my mobile rings,
    ]This is one of my favs
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