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Found 19th Dec 2010
Ok ladies. Do any of you own a set of these? Are they any good? The OH wants a set and they are around £40 most places just now. It's claimed they are as good as GHDs which I'm not paying the money for.
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Who claims they are as good as GHDs?

I have friends who work for Toni & Guy and they tell me that no hair straighteners come close.
There is a claim on the box, I think, that says these are as good as GHD's. My daughter has GHD's, which I've used for over a year until I bought the Desired ones in Asda for £18! They feel very different to GHD's (much lighter and better handle design imo) and they don't 'beep' when they've heated up like GHD's BUT...they straighten my curly hair and I don't use my daughter's GHD's anymore
im not sure about nicky clarke ones but the ghds are very over-rated .its only the large plate ghd ones that are any good the slim ones are on par with all the others
i have used a few different brands of straightners over the years they all straighten my hair good its how long its straight for is the problem and up to now GHD wins
My mom had the nicky clarke ones and she said they were crap and uses GHD's now. I have ghd's - had them 5 years now and they're absolutely fantastic..well worth the money.
trust me restrain from been a scrouge & get her GHD'S she'll luv em & they are by far the best ever
Its Xmas, get her what she wants, or she will only end up being disappointed in you, and buy them herself, lol. It will be well worth the extra £50 than the silent treatment on Xmas day!
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