Night clothes

    I need night shirts and a new dressing gown, for hospitial stay next month. Has anyone seen any sales.?
    I knoiw george is cheap but they shrink so anywhere else you know of.
    Thank you


    ]La Senza !! I don't mean the sexy stuffs! Their jim jams wash really well

    edit: Ooh looks like their sale stuffs been taken off, sorry! x

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    I found some for size zero people lol

    go for George stuff, just buy a size bigger to allow for shrinking?


    Most places have sales at the mo' the prob is trying to get your size:)

    How u know her size? :?

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    I did think how does she know im fat lol

    psychic peoples ITT


    I did think how does she know im fat lol


    lol, i knew it sounded wrong when i was typing it:oops:

    Haha I'm thinking 'have I missed something' lol

    Primark do some excellent nightwear

    When I was getting together my hospital bags I wanted some cheap and cheerful nightwear in case I had to chuck it after the birth.

    With the first it did get chucked as the midwife had to cut it off me because I had a drip

    The second time it never made it out of the bag - only just got my trousers off in time!!!

    i was going to say primark they do jimjams less then 4 pounds dressing gowns that zip all the way up less then 8 they do loads of nightshirts cheap to

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    right thank you ill try primark

    Primark are always good for Nightclothes :-)
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