Night storage heaters

    The house were moving to has storage heaters fitted,I had these many moons ago and can recall they werent that good and you had to judge the night before for your heating the next day

    As there is no gas linked up to the house I have little choice but to keep the storage heaters but think I will be in for a hefty electric bill whilst using them over the winter months,are there any special tariffs that work out cheaper??

    Any advice on this type of heating gratefully recieved!


    yes, as you said, when i have had them i found them to be fairly ineffective and quite inconvenient. I didnt howver find them to be that expensive but then this was a while ago and i dont use heating all that much!

    i guess it might be worth sitting down and calcualting at what point getting gas fitted would break even and if you therefore can see yourself staying in the pproperty long enough for that to happen (and of course having better conveninece and resell value that gas would provide)

    If you have a night meter that should make them much cheaper than if you have only the one meter - although it still adds up in the end. But, if the mild winter keeps going, you might not need to use them as much. I've not had any heating on since about February/ March.

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    theres no gas pipes at all laid in the village so my only option is the storage heaters or maybe some elec fire places

    I would imagine that the property will already have a meter installed set up for the economy 7 tariff......basically you will get 7 hours of nightime at a much lower rate than the daytime.

    The storage heaters themselves are wired in such a way that they will only start working when the meter switches over to the lower tariff,this can vary a little as to the time it starts but it is usually around 12am-1am.

    The heaters themselves will have 2 controls...input and output.Input is for how much you want them to store and output for how much heat you want to give out,they are variable.You will want to ensure that the output control is on minimum during the night so that valuable heat is not lost whilst they are storing the heat.Input to be set according to how cold it's going to be,set on max during the coldest months.

    It will take a bit of trial and error at first I imagine to get it right but if the correct size heaters were installed they should keep you warm enough.

    As you will be on the E7 tariff it may be worth investing in timers for appliances like your washing machine,dishwasher if you have it also, to run at night to take advantage of the cheaper rate.:)
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