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Found 18th Jul 2008
Going on a stag weekend to nottingham soon does anyone know good bars or clubs ,and any that should be avoided?
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hey, this isn't exactly what you've asked for but ]tripadvisor is a good place to check for info... have a good time!
Hey stay away from the forest s

Robin Hood & his merry men , might be about lol
if you stay in the centre of town you shoud be fine, you can basically walk out of one pub and fall into another! Oasis is the most popular Nightclub for most but please dont go in a large group, the bouncers are pretty mean and will definately turn you all away ( but I guess thats the same wherever you go). Just up from the Market square is an area called Chapel Bar, that is full of new wine bar/pubs, but probably not stagnight material.
Look out for Flares, a real dump but is chocka full of people havin a great time to great music.
ignore all the media hype about the dangers in Nottm, I have lived here for most of my life, go regular into the city at night and have never seen trouble.
Another area called Hockley is a good place to go and gets pretty busy, just ask us friendly folk when you get here and we will point you in the right direction!

Hope you enjoy your stay! :thumbsup:
Any self respecting stag do should start with the lovely ladies at Hooters near the station for a few beers and a burger and then either keep to the canal side, load of large stag friendly bars down there (though can be a bit quite if the weather is bad) or go to hockley -a more fashionable area of town - loads of bars, for stag do try Lloyds No1 (cheap) or Pitcher & Piano (large converted church - one for the tourists) Avoid bars round the square or upper parliament street rough and chavy. Cournerhouse is another spot in the centre with plenty of bars - Revolution and Slug which is OK too - Clubs depends what your into – for large stag dos try Jongleurs (comedy) down by the canal is sh1t but stag friendly or Oceana in town not to be confused with Ocean sh1thole should be stag friendly though don't hang around when leaving - Rock city near the trent uni has a few clubs. If you want to really surprise the stag go to NG1 a gay club. Enjoy Nottingham is v safe loads of bars everywhere. Avoid the sh1t and you should be OK.
Great advice and info from thenffc ^^^^^^
Obviously a younger view of Nottingham and more suited to your needs! :-D :thumbsup:
Back in the 80's and early 90's Rock City was a great place to go. :-D
we had a great time in Nottingham on a stag doo about 4 years ago, it's hard to go wrong & had a nice mix of normal pubs and big chain pubs - not sure what it's like these days but it must have had some of the few remaining 'proper' rock pubs in the country & everyone we met was really nice to us even with our black country accents!

The barman even did us a pint glass full of every spirit on the top shelf - only after warning us that he wasn't allowed to though
Thanks for all the info we had already booked hooters to start! so must be going right somewhere.Will look into booking clubs ahead, if any of them do that, as dont fancy going down to be told not tonight guys!
we got turned away from rock city because of the clothes we were wearing, shame really as almost all of the group were rockers and really wanted to go & when we called them up they said there was no dress code but then when we turned up they said they couldn't let us in dressed like we were for our own safety!

lol - we had all dressed up to get into other places earlier on in the night!

They have a pretty good website showing whats on each night too.
were ever you go just make sure you wear a stab proof vest
as a student in Nottingham i have been out hundreds of times and have never been stabbed, assaulted or anything its a load of ********.

there are a lot of bars around the town so im sure you'll find something that will suit you
black gerbil1;2553101

were ever you go just make sure you wear a stab proof vest

take a day off :x
What sorta thing you guys looking for? Also how old are you guys roughly? There's all sorts in Notts, but there are definite places where particular age groups go:

So generally there's:

Club wise:
oceanaclubs.com/not…am/ - Oceana, expensive, cheesey, very much a "townie" favorite, but can be fun.
gatecrasher.com/not…ham - Gatechrasher speaks for itself really.
oceannightclub.co.uk/mai…tml - Ocean, very studenty most of the year but probably best avoided now they've gone home.
rock-city.co.uk/ - Rockers only (unless it's Friday night, in which case it's a total cheesey music fest), and only if you look the part but usually a cracking night out.

I wouldn't personally recommend any of the other clubs unless you know Nottingham better.

Bar wise I'd probably recommend:
bluu.co.uk/ - chilled, always full, always good, will turn you away if you're not looking smart enough / are too ******.
saltwater-restaurant.com/ - at the top of the corner house, worth a visit for the view from the terrace alone.
pitcherandpiano.com/loc…ham - Most visitors to Notts get pointed here, it's a bar in a church, kinda cool.
bbc.co.uk/not…tml - Pit and Pendulum, Gothic type pub, toilets hidden behind bookcases that sort thing, worth a visit for Notts virgins.
tantrabar.co.uk/ - "Trendy" bar, again if you don't look smart you ain't getting in.
triptojerusalem.com/ - Old, built into the caves under the castle, touristy, but still kinda cool.

Plus loads more.....

and being a stag do:
senoritas.co.uk/ - probably nsfw
justthetonic.com/ - Funny, haha
jongleurs.com/ - Usually not as funny, but still ha
Thanks again, we are all late twenties so, probally just looking for a club with mabey a few different areas so at least if one bits bad we can move to the other if you know what i mean. But just glad to get info from people who have been there, as looking on google was bringing up loads of clubs that no ones mentioned, and no doubt they have not been mentioned for good reasons. Gonna forward these lists on to my mate who can phone around to try and get on the guest list, Oceana seem like it would be a good bet.

Oceana seem like it would be a good bet.

They do a guest list thing for Birthdays and Stags iirc. There are quite a few areas (it's a fairly large place) some of which inclues areas I can only describe as ski lodge, 70's disco and burlesque house - If nothing else it'll be an experience you wont forget. :thumbsup:
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