Nightmare Laptop

    Someones given me a laptop to format and reinstall, which usually isnt a problem except this person is a friends mother who is a bit picky and not so very well tech savvy sooooo ...

    Its an E-System 4115C.
    The only disk they got was a single MS Works 9, thats not actually even installed.
    Its running Vista Home Premium.
    It has an original valid COA with the product key underneath.

    I dont have a backup disk, they werent supplied with one, which one do I need to get? Some have multiple version on it ... dont they? I dunno, I havent been anywhere near Vista. DOS to Win XP x64 to Ubuntu yea, Vista ... no.

    Any help appreciated.

    Edit deal? I posted in MISC! MISC ! MISC!


    To re-install you just need a vista prem disk, some of the e-systems have a hdd based recovery though

    I believe the vista disks are supposed to have all versions on them and which is installed is determined by the CD key you put in.

    hdd recovery usually initiated by pressing a function key on boot. most makes its either f10 or f12

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    Thanks for the replies, I'll see if there is a recovery function on it and see if I can get my friends Ultimate Disk over.

    Just press f8 on boot and the recovery option is there that takes you onto Tech Guys recovery app.
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