Nights stay in london for the 15th jan?

    I have NO idea about london-off to see the spice girls on the 15th jan-need somewhere fairly cheap and close-ish to the o2 arena!

    NEVER been to london so any ideas?



    £93.50 per room per night
    Express By Holiday Inn

    It opposite the dome on the other side of the thames. Its on the DLR line and you can catch it to get to the dome.

    Just checked there is availability at some of the Travelodges at £26 per room per night bargain of a deal central london.

    Select £26 saver room when searching location select all of London and then you choose.

    Original Poster

    Thanks Both!

    much appreciated:thumbsup:

    which one of the london travel lodges is nearest to the O2 arena though?;-)

    London Battersea
    London City Airport
    London City Road
    London Covent Garden
    London Docklands
    London Farringdon
    London Ilford
    London Ilford Gants Hil
    London Kew Bridg
    London Kings Cross
    London Kings Cross Royal Scot
    London Liverpool Street
    London Marylebone

    Each Travelodge as information about it like nearest attractions by miles,so maybe they include the 02 as info.
    What annoys me about public transport,they want people to use it but its not running late enough into early hrs of morning when people want to go to events and such.My partner had same problem when he went upto Wembley to Metallica back in July.He said he was going to hang about in London overnight didn't want a room and at time even tho I looked mths prior to him going there was no nearby Travelodge £15/£26 rooms,until he could get 1st bus out but in the end concert finished earlier than expected and when he got to bus station to see if he could get a bus,well the 1 he wanted was delayed so just caught it luckily and rolled in the house about 2.30 am or something crazy but he was going hang about till about 6am or something.
    If public transport was better,on time more,if it wasn't understaffed and so on then I have no need to get a car,government can't blame households for wanting more than 1 car too,cos public transport is poor.

    Look at O2site and reading about how to get there and looking at map on their site I would say London Docklands Travelodge be the best,obviously I not stayed there and not been anywhere near that way recently but thats my guess looking at info.If you stayed at any of the other ones a bit further out its not going make a great difference with travelling like an extra 10mins or so here and there.…ere

    there is a contact on page and they would know the nearest Travelodge or contact Travelodge and ask them the nearest Travelodge to 02,you can give their postcode too cos on 02 site if they find it easier to search by postcode.

    The Holiday INN Express in Greenwich is the closest to the arena at £149 per room (sleep up to 4) including breakfast. It is within a 10 minute walk :thumbsup:

    The Express by Holiday Inn hotel in London Greenwich is a contemporary 162 bedroom hotel situated on Greenwich Peninsula, just 10 minutes walk from the O2 Arena (Millennium Dome)

    The travelodge at the docklands is 3 1/2 miles away from the arena


    Check out this link for great transport links :thumbsup:
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