Nike 2 year warranty

Posted 30th Mar 2023
Many people don't know about this one, but Nike has a 2 year warranty on many items including shoes. So if you've got a pair of shoes that are falling apart, it's worth filing a claim for them (unless you've used them in an unintended manner of course!)

Nike states on their website:
If it’s been longer than 60 days, and less than two years since the manufacture date (located on the item’s tag), and the item has developed a flaw, here's what you need to do: and Nike App Orders: Please contact us to return the item. (This includes digital orders placed at a Nike Store.)
Nike Store Purchases: Even after 60 days, you'll still need to return the item to a Nike store. If you cannot visit in person, contact the store to discuss your options.
Nike Authorized Store Purchases: Please return your shoes to the original place of purchase. We work with authorized retailers to accept returns for products with a material or workmanship flaw. If you cannot return to the original place of purchase, or if the retailer has referred you back to Nike, you can file a claim.

So before you chuck them in the bin, give this a go!
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  1. pink73's avatar
    My son recently filed a claim and got a £200 Nike voucher to use online. So yes this does work as OP said if claimed correctly.
  2. AX31's avatar
    They’re pretty good at honouring too. Had a pair that had a weird squeak on one shoe and they sorted it out. 
  3. JoeKing5321's avatar
    Anyone know if this works on things purchased at Nike outlet stores?
    CharlesDickens's avatar
    Click on the link as there is a section on exactly that 🏻
  4. trs020382's avatar
    Done it twice now, with a full refund each time. Success!
  5. JoeKing5321's avatar
    Handy. Thanks for sharing. 
  6. Gaz_Oafc's avatar
    I had no idea about this, thanks! (edited)
    CharlesDickens's avatar
    Not many do!
  7. SheenBob's avatar
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone else has had issues with vapormax fk 2020? I’ve two pairs now & the soles have peeled off on both pairs in the same spot. I wondered if this is a common issue?
  8. nawabz's avatar
    Does this work in the uk since when i file a claim usa comes up also does this work if i bought from amazon?? (edited)
    Index's avatar
    Yes it works in the uk. Go to and support and explain to live chat
  9. Jack2210's avatar
    Does anyone have the link to do this, I can only find the US link
  10. rainbowsalt's avatar
    Can someone share the link for this pls
    Index's avatar then go to support
  11. rimalpatel007's avatar
    I bought a pair of Nike from the Office online but obviously I don't have the tag anymore.
    I need to claim a warranty, what do I do?
    Index's avatar
    The tag is located within the shoe. It’s the size tag with the information of when the shoes have been manufactured etc. you could go back to office the retailer and explain the issue and if they don’t budge then try Nike live chat (edited)
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