nike +

    i want to get my husband some nike + trainers and the kit think to connect his nano to them for fathers day
    as you can probably tell i know nothing about them and what a good price is can anyone help me please !!


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    Try JDsports...

    How about these trainers ....£55…684

    and the Nike + Connection = £20…851

    Don't know if you have the ipod already but if you go to the apple refurb store you can get the 2gb silver (2nd generation) for £60

    Make sure you get quidco cashback at jdsports = 6%

    I doubt you'll find cheaper....

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    I've got the nike+ trainers, and want to get the rest of the equipment.

    I already own a video ipod but I'm guessing I cant use that with Nike+, is that correct ? There is no way of tricking the nike+ receiver into thinking my video ipod is a nano, is there ?

    Also does Nike+ work with all generations and sizes of Ipod nanos ? And if this is the case does anyone know where I can get the cheapest nano ?

    Many thanks,

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