Nike 95 neon release date or any info

Posted 3rd Jul 2020
Does any one no when these will be dropping . And if so . Where do u preorder from ? Thanks in adavance
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Oh wow. Trip down memory lane
No idea but buy in bulk! I sold a pair last week for £450 for the 2015 model !
Still looking fresh -
I've been after them for a while but no luck. Some are selling these for ridiculous but they can keep em.

I tried designing them via Nike id but they dont have the same colour schemes available.
They come out some time this year , I have the 2012 ones . They seem to go for 700ish new .
Heads up . Iv noticed this colour way in Jordan’s or Nike . Seem to go for money also
Thanks anyway
Jump_Out_Gang03/07/2020 09:55

Oh wow. Trip down memory lane

Can imagine u was top boy 15 year old with a pair of them
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