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    I would like a Nike+ long sleeved shirt (preferably black or a dark colour, but I'm not picky) to wear whilst jogging.

    Getting a Nike+ (notice the "+") is required so I can put my iPod in it and listen to music whilst jogging. These things are evil to find in the UK!


    what type of ipod have you got as they have just started making the new shape nano stuff now, i personally have got the arm strech pouch thing, it means you dont have to wash your shirt everytime you need to go out! Otherwise i would try ebay!!

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    I have the new iPod nano, the 3G. eBay is actually quite a good idea, didn't think of them.

    Edit: eBay don't have anything that I could find :-(

    i would also like to know about any Nike + clothing. i found a t shirt in TKMaxx but that was for the 2nd generation ipod and i have the 3rd gen nano

    i have just had a look and nike are a bit slow on the clothes side of it for the 3g. i have this which is pretty cool…re/

    its just come out about a month ago, i think there must be a lot of people who have 3g nanos and there isnt anything to use it in yet

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    Yes, I was thinking of getting a strap, but I thought I might as well get a running top as well as a strap for the same price ;-)

    cool let me know if you find anything because i want some to :thumbsup:

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    Well, I found this which when zoomed in looks 3G:…tml

    Only problem is it is US only, but I have a friend over there at university so am going to get him to get it for me, then ship it out

    Try Lot of football stuff but sportswear also.

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