Nike Dunk trainers

    Hi, I ordered a pair of these from the Nike sale:…tml

    I really, really like them, which sucks since I ordered a size too big, despite knowing I was a 9.5 I somehow ordered 10.5.


    I'm sending them back now, but can't find those in 9.5 anywhere, other than the Schuh website where they cost around £60 - I guess that's not too bad, but a bit of a kick in the teeth after I just sent back a pair for £30.

    Any suggestions please guys? Cheers


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    God damn, can't link in the first post for some reason!


    sweet shoes

    got no idea

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    So annoyed with myself for ordering the wrong size - can't find them anywhere now

    been searching all morning, closest thing i could come to in your size are…339

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    That's awesome, thank you so much missgem! Think I'll go with the size 9, should fit just fine I think!

    Thanks again

    Very welcome, i found the ones you paid £33 for on nike website but like you said out of stock in your size in most sizes actually haha xxx

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    Yup, the only ones in stock on there are the ones I have I think

    Cheers again!x

    hello i had a pair of nikes from nike store and thought they had sent wrong size ordered a uk 9 got us 10 on box checked inside shoe was uk 9 hope this helps
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