Nikon D200 with/without MB-D200


    I am trying to find the best deal on a Nikon D200, retail or online...

    Live in Scunthorpe, Will travel...

    I have found a few but would like to know if anyone has been able to get it cheaper anywhere else...

    Cheapest i got was £824.00 from ABC Cameras... Id prefer to get the D200 body and the MB-D200 Battery Pack together... but cheapest for that was Jessops at £959.00. Im not keen on buying from abroad... but possible if there are any good recommendations...then i may change my mind...




    Did you buy this camera? I also would like to buy this one, but it's quite expensive, so I'm looking for good deals. Maybe you could help me please?

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    Yes I ended up getting one from Jessops.... I was tempted at buying from HK but thought about problems if i had any... localish dealer best bet!

    £834.99 - Original Price
    £-15.00 - My Gift Vouchers
    £-10.00 - Voucher found on this HotUk Deals
    £809.99 + 20 Free 7x5 Prints(I Know, not a lot for 800 quid camera but better than nothing)

    At the time the cheapest was £824.99 on [url][/url]

    Been using it recently and its a damn site better than my old D70. Big price though!

    Kind Regards

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