Nikon D40 £247.95 - £40 cashback = £207.95 @ Amazon UK Price Drop

Price dropped again, for those who bought this from Amazon can call them up and ask for the difference back!



This isn't a deal, it's a tip

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Amazon has a hidden price promise that if you buy something and it drops in price within 30 days you can get the difference back. That means if you did any shopping there; you should check if the price has dropped in the sales, and if it has - claim the money back.

How do you get it back?

Amazon won't do this automatically, you'll need to go back and check the prices of the goods you've bought by logging into your account.

Simply visit your account and look at each invoice from the last thirty days and click on each item to view it's current price. Compare this to the price you paid and if there's a difference, copy down the order number and go to the 'Return and Refunds Contact Form' page to report it.

Step by step instructions

* Log into your Amazon account
* Click on 'view orders placed in the last 6 months'
* Copy the Amazon.co.uk order number:
* Click on the item to see if the price has dropped
* Click on 'Help' followed by Contact Us, 'Customer Service'
* Once you've found the right order click on Contact Amazon, copy in the order reference number and explain you'd like a refund as the price has dropped.

Cheers Hotshot
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