Nikon D40 or D60

I'm looking at getting a new camera to replace my old Minolta Dynax 5 Slr and want to go in the market for a dslr, i've been checking afew out and plan on getting either the d40 or d60, but only really know the prices from amazon and jessops which seem fair but it seems that I just missed out on a cashback deal from Nikon, so im quierying whether to wait till another cashback deal comes on or to get really good offer for one


I’ve got the D40 and I’m really pleased with it. Unlike you, it’s my first SLR though so your expectations may be different.Unlucky timing with the cashback. Amazon is the cheapest for the D40 (£250) at the moment and as you probably know the cashback is £30-40 when it’s on. The website currently says “check back soon” and given that Canon are still running their cashback promotion, and the current market conditions, I expect there will be another cashback offer before too long, but it really depends how patient you are!I can’t really comment on D40 vs D60 as I haven’t used the D60 but as you have no doubt found there are some great reviews around and I’m sure you could make a decision based on them, plus a trip to Comet etc to have a go is well worthwhile.

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Thx for th advice, i'm in no big hurry to get one so I think i'll wait until another cashback offer comes my way. As for either the D40 or D60 I have read so many reviews saing one is a better buy than the other but I think it comes down to price and whether your in such a big need to have extra MP

OK, don't forget the D40X as another option if you want more megapixels. It's pretty much the same as the D40 but with 10MP, but some people say the image quality of the D40 is actually better than the D40X.

Olympus e-510 twin lens kit....outstanding camera and lens optical quality.... far better than any other entry level camera...

I've heard good things about the entry level Olympus's, but also the Canons and Nikons. I don't believe that any one is far better than the other. Also, what's the best for one person isn't necessarily the best for another.
Edit: Cats - I see you've made an identical post on two other threads, you must love your camera!

olympus e-510 twin kit.

u get 2 lenses as good as canon L glass, and get the whole kit for LESS than the cost of 1 canon L lens.

no point getting a slr and having a rubbish lens, only oly offer quality lenses as standard, all the others charge loads for them.

if u dont want to spend 1000s on lenses, get the 510, easily the best slr package under 1,000

The D40 kit lens is widely regarded as being a very good kit lens.
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