Nikon D60 - Cheapest...?

    Im thinking about getting a new camera as I have one thats starting to die....:(

    I asked friends and theyve suggested the Nikon D60 or D40...

    These seem ideal....But the price could be out of my range.....

    So has anyone seen or heard of any decent deals on these cameras.....
    Or can suggest a better and cheaper DSLR.....




    If you're on a budget an SLR probably isn't a good idea, D40 is one of the entry level models and it has a newer/more expensive version. You'd also need to buy lenses which will add to the price.

    I think the 40 and 60 are now updated with newer models like the 3000 and 5000. I have a D300, and basically you can't go wrong with a Nikon or a Canon. Despite all the arguments, they will both produce similar results but have different handling characteristics and ergonomics so whichever is best for you. I would expect prices would be better after christmas if you can wait a little?

    You won't really get 'a better dslr' at that price, performance will be almost indistiguishable one from the other, but if you were getting into photography as a hobby you may want to consider carefully so you can start building a system.

    Not sure what you mean by beginning to die btw...sounds like a justification to self to get a new camera!

    You could look for a bridge camera - its got most of the features of the dslr's but without the mega price tag - and without the need for exhorbitantly priced lenses. I have the Panasonic Lumix FZ28 which was just over £200 and does everything I could want - 18x zoom and a host of features and settings to play with :-) - and takes amazing pics !!

    i got the sony a230 and its great

    i personally would try and stretch the money on a basic dslr over a brigde camera, for $328 you can get a nikon d3000…-36
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