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    I've been using a four year old very basic entry level DSLR Olympus E10, which has been working fine. But I feel it's time to upgrade now. So, I am looking at going for a medium level (not entry level) DSLR. I was earlier considering Nikon D80, but Nikon D90 seems to be a better choice because of its ability to capture video as well.

    I saw it at 743£ at amazon, with basic lens. Any idea if it Is available any cheaper anywhere else? Is there a better choice compared to D90?


    I have heard great things about the D90, everyone I asked said they loved it and it was my preferred choice if I had the money. I chickened out from the expense and bought the D40 twin lens from Jessops. I think the £750 mark is about what you will pay as at this price you are still under the RRP. Hope you find something that suits.

    Sorry, but I have to ask, if the E10's working well why do you want to change?

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    Well, E10 is basically a 5 yr old camera. I had purchased it as a used one on ebay (from a US seller :)) in Dec 2004. It has served me well, but it has quite a few limitations.

    - It has a fixed lens. So, I don't have any freedom of changing it. I have to live with the basic capability of lens.
    - Resolution is not that imp, but I have to live with 4MP
    - E10's features are quite old when you compare:
    ISO - 80 to 320 Vs. 0.3 to 3200 of D90
    Shutter speed range of 1/640 - 2 sec to 1/4000 to 30s of D90
    aperture range, flash capabilities, video capture... the list is sort of endless I guess.

    Check out your airport Dixons shop price, I saved over £100 on best internet price. Bought a 1p Ryannaire ticket checked in online walked in bought camera and came straight back out and told check-in I was no longer flying. :thumbsup:

    Just phoned them up to check price £695 with 18-105 VR lens, gone up form £621 in January when I bought my camera.
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