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    Greetings everyone,

    Hopefully someone here could help shed some light and give some recommendations on a new lens for my Nikon D80.
    Currently I own a Tamron 55-200mm, and a Sigma 18-50mm.

    Now i'm going away on holiday to the hustle and bustle of Disney in a week, and am wanting a new lens to take with me. I regularly find for general out and about snapping the Sigma doesn't quite give me enough zoom, whereas the Tamron doesn't quite offer me enough of a wide angle. Rather than keep swapping between the 2 depending on the situation, I'm thinking of trying to get a lens that fits into the mid range of the 2. Means less kit to carry to !

    Anyone got any personal experience with a Nikon at Disney in Paris for taking Kit, or any suggestions on lengths and speeds of lenses?
    I can't afford to drop a fortune on this lens, but really do want something!


    Nikon 18-200 VR - Think its about £450

    This is the best walkaround lens without going mad, but to be honest, have you tried the Tamron 17-50 ?? So sharp you could crop images without any problems

    Original Poster

    Not tried that, I have the Sigma 18-50, any ideas on how they compare by chance?
    Yeah, i'm thinking i might end up going with what I have and cropping, but I hate the feeling of not having a slightly longer length on it.

    The 18-200mm was my first reading this topic as well, it does exactly what you are looking for although it may not fit your budget. I think if you try to go for a lens in between you're going to miss having a wide angle view especially in an amusment partk where many of the rides are big and there's not always that much room to frame as you want.


    How about a Nikon 18-90mm? I picked one up from eBay for about £90.
    It has a lovely feel and weight to it and covers a bit more range for you without adding the huge expense of the full rangers. I find this lens covers most subjects except wildlife and distant subjects. If your subject is distant at Disney, you just move closer to it.
    You may also want to consider a bag which makes things a bit easier for swapping lenses and carrying gear. I like the look of the LowePro slingshot - check it out. It might just take the pain out of having to carry an extra lens and swap it occasionally.

    May be a bit late now, but this is a good deal despite comments on the thread...…ta/

    Or there is the Nikkor 16-85mm VR lens, but that's about £400 - supposed to be very sharp too...

    18-200mm VR

    I have the 18-55mm and the 55mm-200mm, which both suit me fine, but I wish I had just the one to save messing around...

    Wouldn't mind a fish-eye as well, but going to have to do some saving.

    The reason people buy Nikon cameras should be because they produce amongst the best lenses (along with Canon).

    Sure some of the cheaper end of the Nikon range compare well with Sigma etc, but ultimately if own a Nikon Camera, buy a decent Nikon Lens... in fact (IMO) the lens is (a) more important than the camera body itself and (b) will hold its value far better than the camera body.

    Nikon are far better than Canon or other manufacturers at making their lenses 'backward compatible' - The D40 (or any modern Nikon Camera) will work with some pretty old Nikon lenses (all be it with less functionality) and therefore by investing money in a decent Nikon lens means that in the future it will most probably still be useful to you when you purchase a new camera body and also if you did sell it you won't loose as much as you are going to on the camera body.
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