Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof (Spray On Waterproofing)

Posted 10th Nov
Hello fellow bargain hunters. I was wondering if some of you might be able to help me source this item for a bargain price? I've been hunting and trying different codes to get the price down but haven't had much luck in finding a good price.

I've never actually used this item before but was advised to use it on my new training shoes to protect them. My first mistake was I purchased the Nikwax Fabric & Leather Proof (Sponge On) version, which I didn't realise their were two different types. I really would prefer the spray on version as I think it will be better and safer to apply than the press on sponge type.

What I gather from this that you can get two different sizes of bottles as well. The first being 125ml bottle and a 300ml bottle. I've also been taking into account the cost of delivery also.

I would be grateful for any help folks, thank you.
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Just follow the instructions using the sponge type there are no issues with using it. I doubt it would fully waterproof a trainer as they’re deliberately porous.
MadeDixonsCry11/11/2019 07:23

Is that similar to "crep protect"? …Is that similar to "crep protect"?

Not sure its the same product. I just don't want to use the wrong product than what was advised.
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