Nilfisk or Aldi Pressure Washer

    Hi Everyone!!

    I am looking at getting a pressure washer for general cleaning in the garden and the car. I've had a Karcher model before but have returned it for various reasons but am now looking at a replacement.

    I have got a reserve on a Nilfisk Titan at Argos…941 and have also seen the Aldi Pressure Washer…000 which also looks good value.

    I like both these models as they appear to have good power but I also like the fact that they seem to carry all the attachments on the body of the washer. They also have a reel system for the hose that seems much better than the Karcher I had where you had to curl the hose up and hook it on to the back. I have seen quite a few threads about pressure washers and most people advise getting the Nilfisk but I was looking for people who have used the Aldi model for comparison. I like the fact that the Aldi model has a 10 metre cable which would be useful when washing the car without having to move the washer around.

    Any help would be great as am looking at purchasing something in the next few days. Thanks Claire!!


    If you can find a place to buy the one from Aldi, get it. I tried both and the Aldi one is much more powerful. Plus the 3 year warranty sealed the deal for me. Trouble is finding one!

    I went into Aldi two days ago and they had quite a few pressure washers left...... so I bought myself one! Not tried it yet but looks good for the money.

    Titan ;

    bar - 85
    flow rate - 440 ltrs/hr
    hose - 8mtr
    warranty - 3 yr
    accessories - loads
    price - £99.99

    Workzone ;

    bar - 110
    flow rate - 450 ltrs/hr
    hose - 10 mtr
    warranty - 3 yr
    accessories - turbo and vario lance
    price - £79.99

    The work zone is a more powerful machine, like other yellow machines it does suffer damage due to having a plastic pump, especially if using often, occasional use not really an issue.

    Is the extra £20 for the Nilfisk worth it, IMHO yes, the aluminium pump and accessories would sway it for me, BUT for merely washing the car/patio twice a year the Workzone will suffice, and save you £20, but would it be worth the hassle of returning it to Aldi and seeing if they could honour the 3 year warranty to save £20......?

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    I've got a Karcher K4 ive had a nilfilsk. The attachments are key, I'd pick nilfisk for the attachments you can buy afterwards. The aldi one you just won't be able to buy add ons later on. That K4 patio cleaner I bought afterwards I wouldn't clean the patio without it saves hours and gives it an even clean.

    get a k7. If you can afford it. beast.
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