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Found 22nd Jun 2007

I'm looking recommendations for AA rechargeable batterys for a digital camera, and a charger, either both together as a package, or to be bought separately.

I would like 2700mah, would prefer branded batterys. With regard to the charger, I'm not sure about the difference in the long charge and rapid charge, so will leave suggestions up to you! I would like to spend about £20 for everything, and need at least 4 batteries.

Let me know if you need anymore information.



][COLOR="Red"]This[/COLOR] seem like a great deal, £13 for 6 2500mh and charger delivered. I have this one, I really like energizer batteries and the charger does AAA too. Charger takes approx 8 hours to charge with mine. Autoswitch off too.

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Yeah I seen this. What would be the difference in these 2500mah compared to 2700mah?

Maplins have a few good deals on battery chargers, this one does a 90 minute charge and has car adaptor lead included. try:


the difference between the 2500 and 2700 rating shouldnt be noticeable
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