Nine inch nails album ' year zero' currently free to listen to online!

    Look in the top right and click the year zero player.

    Will need you to register an email address for a newsletter (dont worry they dont spam - unless you confirm they can!)

    This is a link to the whole album that is not yet released anywhere!


    Notes to mods:
    Was told this cant be a deal but i could post it here...
    The link is the official NiN site and as such it should be totally legal etc..

    Note to anyone:
    There may be swearwords
    Dont expect it to sound anything like Daniel o donnel.... :giggle:

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    It's a great album, much prefer it to With Teeth. I'm really hoping a 5.1 version of Year Zero is announced asap.
    I liked the way Trent was slowly leaking the album by leaving USB memory sticks in the toilet facilities at his gigs.
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