Posted 2nd Oct 2022
Anyone got one of these? Been recommended by a family friend and can't see any faults and look too good to be true

Also what's best price anyone found it recently as £230 in Argos but can't find it on Amazon which is normally the cheapest
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    I have this and so does my mum. I used to have a little halogen cooker too and the ninja airfryer is much better. It cooks better, crispier, quicker than the halogen and my normal kitchen cooker. It also uses less electricity and is easy to clean. I got mines from QVC for £100. It was a customer return they seem to have every so often. Ive seen currys clearance sometimes gets them on ebay too. Im sure with black friday not too long away if you can hold out a deal should come up again by then.
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    There’s one with a dual basket which can be converted to a single large which I think is very useful but I can’t recal which one it is on Amazon    
  3. plebbygiraffe's avatar
    What is it that makes you think it is too good too be true?
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    Nothing it's just an air fryer with the usual other functions. I had previous single ninja, this just has 2 draws
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    I have it and love it. Hardly use the oven now
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    Hundreds of discussions and articles on these. They are excellent, as I'm sure are other brands. That being said, you know there is a severe stock shortage of such things. No idea as to when they will be stocked again. Hope your not in a hurry. They will likely sell for full price when they come back as a lot of people are waiting for them. Could be some time before you see them reduced - but if I saw one at £180 I would buy it (for someone - I have the smaller version)
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    Have you been able to find one in stock anywhere OP? Been checking on and off for the past couple of weeks and everywhere appears to be OOS
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    I got one from currys on Monday. Knew it was in stock because the Hot Stock app alerted me to it then bought it right away
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    Had mine a couple of weeks now, waited for 3 weeks for it direct from ninja as couldn’t find one in stock (until the day before it was delivered and local argos had one). Loving it fast cooking and versatile have done meals and cookies. 
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    I've had mine for a year, can't fault it tbh. Cooks well and in a fraction of the time, I got my AF400UK for £159 but that was before the world went crazy for air fryers and it's the best money I've spent for a long time. My kitchen oven is practically redundant! It's understandable now that our bills have skyrocketed that these are in short supply, they will save a lot in electricity (edited)
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    I own one bought like a year ago think it was 150 at the time and I paid £100 of facebook marketplace.

    I love it, I don't use my oven barely ever, I bought some silicon moulds recently from ebay which are a nice addition to be able to do the more saucey chicken dishes.

    I would highly reccomend, ninja was the first to do dual baskets, and other brands are still catching up from what I can see, all alternatives look worse in size/price and power.
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