Ninja gaiden 2

    I have just got ninja gaiden a few days ago and I love it i would like to hear what the rest of you think about it


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    I've got it here, not played it yet though, i'll let you know what I think once I have...

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    anyone else got it?

    Just completed the first level, the spider thing was scary as hell, lol...

    Seems like a great game so far...



    Been playing this alot, absolutely amazing game.

    im upto chapter 10 going thru using just the sword for the achievment iv only rented it and needs to go back but its excellent and im going to borrow it off friend so can go thru it with the other weapons.

    only thing that sucks is the camera

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    it got a really bad review saying it was just like the old one

    Having not played the first, i downloaded the demo. i thought it was just a boring button basher, but thats just me

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    well everyones got an opinion

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