Ninja mice, or was it just for fun?

Found 3rd Nov 2017
Not sure if you can help with this one. So around 2-3 weeks ago I was woken by the noice of mice gnawing in my roof. I also have a loft conversion. Anyway, I got a sonic sound device, during that night for what ever reason ,they did this around 1am normally and then would stop after 30 mins for no reason like they went away (spoiler they never did) after the sonic mambob was in that night they ran for the high heavens, and that was it and I didn't hear from them till now. Last night in my roof area, this area is flat where the light fixtures are, there was the noice again. But strangely it began gnawing in a new place close to my chimney. I then heard it move along going through what I now assume a joist, and then sort of stopped, there was the sound of it sliding then the noice that makes me feel a little cold as I can only guess it hitting the left over insulation in the loft area that is mostly boxed off. I type this at 2am the night after, but now there is nothing. I also believe that they had little baby mice in the wall between my neighbors and me. There is nothing about this on the internet and I am wondering If I should posion them. I cant rip my roof apart as it is sealed area with fiber glass insulation. And all food sources are removed. Also to add, I would like to through a large piece of posion in where they are but there is no evidence of them in there, and as before it's sealed, to a level literaly there is a 5 by 6 inch hole where they can get through if they ninja up a 2 ft wall. may I add I am 6ft 3 and 19 stone so I can't fit myself in the gap either...

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How do you know they are noice if you've never even seen them let alone spoken to them
Would this be the mouse who makes all the noice

I would leave them alone, they will probably just outsmart you and then we will have them on here complaining about a big guy living in their loft.
summerof764 m ago

Would this be the mouse who makes all the noice [Image]

Wow! That is a rather Marvellous Mechanical Mouse Organ...

Was it fanpages sneaking up on you
Maybe you need to call......

Samurai Pizza Cats

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